PVC Venetian Blind

PVC Venetian Blind

Polystyrene (PVC) venetian blinds are fully adjustable to provide the desired light ambience. They have exceptional thermal stability and suitability for high-moisture environments. These wood look-alike blinds are a reliable, highly functional, and decorative window treatment.

• Good stability and resilience for harsh New Zealand conditions

• Great for wet or high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens

Set light and temperature for optimum comfort - By tilting of the slats, you can create the exact light ambience you want. In winter, heat is conserved when slats are closed. In summer, they can be opened to let the cool breeze through.

Clear unrestricted view - or total blockout for privacy -  Setting these blinds to full-tilt blocks the light and creates total privacy at night. Pulling them right up gives an unrestricted view.

Long-lasting and resilientPVC blinds have good stability in high temperature environments They are great for high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy to operateOur blinds are smooth and easy to draw up and down. There is one cord to open and close slats, plus cords to raise and lower the blind – with steel selflocking to hold their position. Cords can be optionally on the left or right.

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