Style & Look

  • Pencil Pleats
    A casual soft look using evenly spaced gathered pleats. Suitable for all fabric types & can be used on either a track or rod
  • Inverted Pleats
    A simple minimalist look. Suitable for the use on either plain or striped fabrics.
  • Wave Pleats
    Wave Style is a new style of curtain. This style works really well in where there is little room to stack the curtain.
  • Twin/Dutch Pleats
    Twin pleats are more contemporary than triple pleats and stack efficiently with a sleek line. These are a good choice for patterned fabrics.
  • Single Pleats
    A simplistic contemporary pleat which works well on large modern printed fabrics as it does not distract or compete with the feature of the print.
  • French Pleats
    A traditional formal pleat, can be used on a track or rod. Not suitable for heavy bulky fabrics.
  • Eyelets
    A minimalistic and contemporary styled heading. Eyelet drapes can only be used with rods.

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