Aluminum Venetian Blind

Aluminum Venetian Blind

These finer-look venetian blinds are reliable, highly functional, and decorative window treatments - fully adjustable to get the desired light ambience in a room.

• Harsh sunlight and heat excluded during the day, while indoor warmth retained at night

• Smart appearance that adds finesse to a room

Keep that fresh colour and pristine condition in your furnishings - With finely spaced slats, these blinds efficiently reflect harsh NZ sunlight, yet allow a good light level in your room - keeping your furniture and floor coverings in that original fresh condition.

Precise control of light and temperature giving you power savings -  Slats can be opened to let the cool breeze through, or closed a bit to reduce cooling bills by reflecting the sun’s heat. An unrestricted view is possible by pulling blinds right up. At night, fully tilting slats can block light and create total privacy - conserving heat in your room.

Long-lasting resilience with environmentally friendly materials  - All blind slats are stove-enamelled and will retain their original condition without creasing. They are the highest grade of aluminium alloy - with up to 20% recycled material.

Clever design and costefficient manufacturing  - A new tape roll support and internal tape lock button speeds up assembly, and a protective film on the head and bottom rails prevents scratches when handling and delivering.


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